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What Is Femilift?

Millions of women suffer from vaginal irregularities and structural changes due to childbirth, age or a variety of other reasons.

FemiLift is a breakthrough new virtually painless, minimally invasive treatment from Dr. Rosanne Mayhew in Los Gatos, California.

  • Laser Vaginal Therapy for Relief of Mild Urinary Incontinence
  • Tightening for Improved Sexual Pleasure
  • Laser Vaginal Therapy for Treatment of Vaginal Atrophy (Vaginal Dryness)

Femilift can help reduce urinary incontinence, increase sensation during intercourse, improve vaginal soreness/dryness, and reduce infections.

What Is Femilift?

FemiLift is a quick (15 minutes or less), non-surgical, pain-free office procedure utilizing safe and reliable CO2 fractional technology. The laser is delivered into the vagina in a pixelated pattern via a vaginal-shaped probe.

The procedure consists of a series of 3 treatments spaced over 12 weeks, with an optional “touchup treatment” after a year. Patients experience results such as a feeling of tightening of the entire vaginal canal for increased friction and pleasure during sexual intimacy, improvement in mild urinary incontinence as well as better lubrication.

Why Do I Need Femilift?

The aging process and life events, such as childbirth,  can cause changes to vaginal tissue. These changes can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including pain, itching and heaviness. While there are several surgical options to repair a women’s damaged pelvic region, is unnecessary in many cases and not worth the risk. FemiLift procedure provides women with a safe and effective, non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation.

What Can I Expect During A Femilift Treatment?

FemiLift is a pain-free procedure and does not require anesthetic or numbing. Dr. Rosanne Mayhew will begin with a full vaginal exam, then the procedure is performed by inserting a probe (or sleeve) into the vagina. The probe delivers thermal energy as it is gently applied to the vaginal canal. With a 360 degree rotation capability, the probe can quickly and effectively treat the entire vaginal canal. The treatment itself takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Dr. Mayhew recommends a series of three treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

Are There Side Effects?

FemiLift is a virtually painless procedure without surgery, anesthesia, or downtime. After your treatment you may resume everyday activities, but it is recommended that you wait 72 hours before sexual activity or tampon use. You may experience some mild spotting after the treatment. This is completely normal and typically dissipates within 24-48 hours.

How Long Does FemLift Last?

Present data suggest that, with 3 treatments over a 12-week time period and especially with a “touchup” after one year, the tightening and continence effects are experienced for at least 2-3 years or more, while the atrophic elasticity effects are ongoing with no need for further treatments in properly managed patients.

How Much Does It Cost? Are There Any Discounts Available?

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mayhew to learn more about treatment costs.


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